There are several private torrent trackers out there that specialize in horror themed content and B-movies such as The Horror Charnel and Cinemageddon. Newest site to join this list is – a Swedish private torrent tracker with horror movies and TV Shows. Although the site has Swedish origins, majority of this tracker’s content comprise of English releases. is a relatively new tracker which is only about 3 months old. It currently has a user base in excess of 500 members and tracks 800+ active torrents (statistics as of 27/1/2009). tracks scene releases as well as non scene (P2P) uploads. Content on this tracker comprise mostly of horror themed movies (DVD-R, XViD and X264 formats). There are some TV show torrents and several packs online as well.

scarethenet screenshot 
Screenshot: Some of the movie torrents on

As we previously mentioned, this tracker has Swedish origins. The site layout is in Swedish but you shouldn’t have any trouble navigating as the site structure and element placement is similar to that of most other tracker’s. At a glance, it may seem like this tracker has a lot of Swedish language movies. But if you look closely, most of these torrents carry the ‘SWESUB’ tag which only means that the movie has Swedish subtitles  - the spoken language is usually English. If a release has ‘SWEDiSH’ or ‘NORDiC’ tags, it probably has an audio stream other than English.

At the time this post is being written, is open for public signups. 2GB free upload credit is given to each new user upon signup. If you like horror flicks and horror themed TV shows, check this tracker out.

Site Name: ScareThe.Net (

Signup URL:


  • DVDR
  • DVDR – Swe
  • Extra
  • Scare-Packs
  • Serier
  • x264
  • x264 – Swe
  • Xvid
  • Xvid – Swe
  • Böcker
  • Dokumentär

Signup page translation:

Swedish English translation
Önskat användarnamn Desired username
Välj ett lösenord Password
Skriv lösenordet igen Repeat password
Landskap Country


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