The free Pretome registration key we gave away earlier expired yesterday after working flawlessly for one whole month. There is no reason to worry if you are yet to become a member of PTM – we’re giving away another free Pretome key which will be valid till the 22nd of February, 2009. This key may be used by an unlimited number of FILEnetworks Blog readers to get into PTM tracker during this period.
UPDATE: Key mentioned in this article has expired. Get updated key here.

pretome logo

Speaking of Pretome, it’s a private torrent tracker which has made some rapid progress over the past few months. Started in early 2008, PTM has amassed an impressive user base of 21000+ members and currently tracks over 13000 active torrents (stats as of 23/1/2009). Content on PTM include torrents of both scene and P2P releases. Tons of unique packs, some exceeding 200GB in size are also indexed.

PTM packs

Apart from the great content, there are several other cool features on PTM such as tagging, credits system, the arcade, casino, etc. Now that you have a key, you can join the tracker and experience them all for yourself!

Site Name: Pretome (

Registration Key: b21a4549f6fed9a3a08872aceb67644b UPDATE: Key mentioned in this article has expired. Get updated key here.

Signup URL with Key: UPDATE: Key mentioned in this article has expired. Get updated key here.

Validity Period : 22 January 2009 – 22 February 2009


  • Applications - Windows , MAC , Linux
  • Ebooks
  • Games - PC , RIP , ISO , Xbox 360
  • Miscellaneous - RARFiX
  • Movies - XviD , DVDRiP , x264 , DVDR
  • Music - MP3 , V2 , 320kbps , FLAC
  • TV - XviD , HDTV , DVDRiP , PDTV

IRC Channel: irc://

Respect Pretome rules and read the FAQ if you want to survive on this tracker for long. Don’t forget to give something back to the community.

Once again, we are grateful to Floxxx (PTM Owner) for providing FILEnetworks Blog with another exclusive PTM key.


  1. abwahab // 1/24/2009 01:28:00 AM  

    thanx man

  2. unknown // 1/24/2009 06:50:00 AM  

    Pretome is the best tracker online, I have registered myself on more then 50 private trackers in past 20 days - and I stayed at PreToMe, and I know that you will stay there to. The site is great, great download speeds on everything (only people with speedy upload can actually upload stuff there), credit system is so well done job there that it makes me seed over 150 torrents - and even feel good about it hehe.

    Guys really done their job like intellectuals, they've created my favorite site, almost my home page :)

    Read the FAQ when you get there and fall in love with the site :)

  3. 胡敏 // 1/24/2009 09:24:00 AM  

    yes good I'll check it out~~~one site is enough I got everything from it

  4. 胡敏 // 1/24/2009 09:29:00 AM  

    PTM each torrent must has a ratio above 0.75 that drives away low upload speed users,especially foreign users~~~

  5. Ben // 1/24/2009 09:35:00 AM  

    胡敏 said...

    "PTM each torrent must has a ratio above 0.75 that drives away low upload speed users,especially foreign users~~~"

    You should read the rules a little better. You have to seed every torrent until a ratio of 0.75 OR for 60 hours

  6. TEAM FILEnetworks // 1/24/2009 10:27:00 AM  

    Ben is correct. To quote the PTM rules:

    "Minimum seed time: two and one half days (60 hours)
    Minimum Ratio: seventy-five percent (0.75)

    You will receive a hit&run if you fail to meet either the seed time or ratio requirement on any downloaded torrent. You only need to meet one (1) of these requirements, not both.
    Torrents are considered to be hit&run when you have been idle for six (6) hours."

    Actually PTM has no global ratio so it's technically a ratio free tracker. You just need to fulfill the minimum requirement for every downloaded torrent.

  7. Abhishek // 1/24/2009 11:33:00 AM  

    thnx a ton man

  8. unknown // 1/24/2009 06:12:00 PM more thing from the rules of PreToMe - you have seeding 'time' bonus - you gain points for specific time of seeding even if you are not uploading - that means that even foreign users with low bandwidth can earn easy points and then you can spend those points to buy upload :)

    That's great, you can buy your self a VIP, then you get double points for seeding when you're VIP, - I'm telling you - great system

    I will repeat this - read the FAQ - there is much more features on PreToMe

  9. Ultramilkman // 1/25/2009 10:08:00 PM  

    Also you should get on irc as you get 1 free credit per hour! Much faster than seeding.

  10. aris70 // 1/28/2009 06:04:00 PM  

    Good morning from athens greece.
    i would like to ask for your help .

    i was registered to pretome for about two months ,till today .
    im afraid that i was banned cause of my bad ratio of seeding.

    the thing is that i was promoted to mover two days ago.
    is there any way of accepting me back?

    is there anything i can do for that?

  11. unknown // 1/28/2009 09:53:00 PM  

    aris70 - can you give mi the link of your user info so I can tell you what is happening?

    What is your username on PreToMe? - I will ask stuff about what's happened to your profile

  12. aris70 // 1/29/2009 12:32:00 AM  

    my user name in pretome was

    thanks in advance!

  13. aris70 // 1/29/2009 12:32:00 AM  

    my user name in pretome was

    thanks in advance!

  14. unknown // 1/29/2009 05:57:00 AM  

    aris70, I'd sent a message to stuff member at PreToMe, and he said that your account has being disabled because you were violating the rules. Prognoses are not good, but if you want to discuss more about it, they said that you should join their IRC channel.

    If you don't know how to join their IRC channel, tell me, and then we will figure out how to exchange the info about it

  15. aris70 // 1/29/2009 10:56:00 AM  

    could you be kind to give a clue on how to get i touch with a stuff member and discuss the situation ?

  16. D // 1/29/2009 11:09:00 AM  

    When I to go to anything Pretome, I get a 403 Forbidden error message saying my IP is unauthorized. Went to the IRC channel and they didn't know what the problem was and suggested that I try from a different IP. I'm assuming I'm banned but since I never been to the site before this attempt I don't know why that would be the case; neither does Pretome.

    I was wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem. Did this key work for everyone else?

  17. D // 1/29/2009 01:54:00 PM  

    Torrentleech open! 1.29.09 0000PST

    Invite channel open on the IRC. Go now and get an invite.


  18. unknown // 1/29/2009 06:02:00 PM  


    If you try to use Java Chat or IRC Chat,
    You'll have to register and identify your nick before joining any channel.

    Be aware that registering your nick is a one time only deal.
    Identifying it must be done every time you log in.

    You can download the latest version of the original mIRC client at

    Registering Your Nick:

    Connect to Irc via mIRC, Java Chat or an Irc Client,
    our server is

    When connected to irc, and logged on to PreToMe server:

    /msg nickserv REGISTER (password) (email)

    Instead of (password) type your desired password and instead of (email), your email address.

    Identifying Your Nick:

    Every time you log in to irc you'll have to identify your nick.
    Do it by one of the following methods:

    1) Type /msg nickserv identify (password)

    2) By setting your client to do it for you every time you log in (covered below)

    After that join a channel with:

    /join #help


    /join #PreToMe

    How to get mIRC running automated - Contributed by Ers / edited by bliss`

    First you need to add the server to your server groups:
    Options -> Connect -> Servers -> Add button

    Then in the box that pops up add the following values:
    Description: PretoMe
    IRC Server:
    Port(s): 6667 (+6697 if you are staff and use SSL)
    Group: PreToMe
    Password: NONE (this is only if there is a server pass which their isn't?

    Next go to Options -> Connect -> Options -> Perform button

    Check the box that says to Enable perform on connect

    Click Add to add a server to the perform list, scroll to PreTo Me and select

    Then select PreToMe from the drop down list

    In the box below that you type /msg nickserv identify (password)
    replacing (password) for you password.

    If you join separate servers with alternate nicks you can add the following:

    /timer1n 1 1 /nick (name of choice here)
    /timer2n 1 3 /msg nickserv identify (pass)

    this will change your nick to the right one for that server
    and log you in on a delay

    NOTE: Also remember, if you use this command on multiple servers in perform, make sure you have different timer names or they will NOT work

    *This was copy/paste from PreToMe forum, if you have problems in translating this, go here:

    I hope that this was helpful, good luckc

  19. Hameed // 1/30/2009 04:28:00 AM  


    I seem to not be able to log in, my id is Hameed.

  20. Hameed // 1/30/2009 03:32:00 PM  

    nevermind i got it working again

  21. cmb1 // 2/02/2009 12:19:00 AM  

    can anyone get me a current registration number that works for pretome or even an invite

  22. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 2/02/2009 12:23:00 AM  

    Dude the key given in the article works.

  23. unknown // 2/02/2009 08:18:00 AM  

    give me your e-mail, and I will invite you

  24. zpoor17 // 2/02/2009 09:42:00 AM  

    My e-mail address is so if someone can please send me an invite it would be greatly appreciated.

  25. Max // 2/04/2009 02:16:00 AM  

    The key above does NOT work! I have tried today, and it gives me "ERROR-Registration key has been disabled!". I would love to join this site, as I would actually like to be rewarded for seeding to 1.5 ratio! If anyone has any invites, my email is It would be awesome if I could get in!

    Thanks for any help!

  26. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 2/05/2009 04:23:00 AM  

    The key works - tested it myself right now.

    You need to type it exactly as it is displayed here. Use the signup link with the key if possible.

  27. Adam // 2/08/2009 06:25:00 PM  

    hey, can anyone invite me? sercheese(at)

  28. unknown // 2/08/2009 08:15:00 PM  

    Adam, you have to show another e-mail if you want the invite, PreToMe can't send the invite on that e-mail, and I know that (at) is @

    give me gmail or yahoo or live, or hotmail

  29. Weems // 2/09/2009 03:29:00 AM  

    Signup successful!
    A confirmation email has been sent to the address you specified.

    This was done just now with the key given here. Why do ppl still ask for invites when a working key is available? Habit?

  30. karlit0s // 2/11/2009 08:24:00 AM  

    can some one please invite me!??! my email is - I'll seed like crazy!@!

  31. karlit0s // 2/11/2009 08:49:00 AM  

    nevermind sorry!!, I just read the USER agreement and didnt check the box. I was an idiot heh. ^^; Thanks again!!!

  32. logggy // 2/11/2009 08:42:00 PM  

    Can some please tell me how to join Whenever I try to go to the site it says:
    The website declined to show this webpage
    HTTP 403
    Most likely causes:
    This website requires you to log in.

    What you can try:
    Go back to the previous page.

    More information

  33. logggy // 2/12/2009 04:48:00 AM on irc with them and got it far a phenomenal site.

  34. TEAM FILEnetworks // 2/12/2009 04:51:00 AM  

    Glad you got in. It indeed is a great site.

  35. Anonymous // 2/15/2009 05:46:00 AM  

    i need a little help here. i used to have a decent standing account with pretome and my computer crashed. forgot the password had one regen still didnt work got banned and now stuck. any help would be greatfull. my sn is paradox420

  36. Mathieu // 2/16/2009 12:51:00 AM  

    it's been a day and I didn't receive the confirmation email, how long does it usually take ?

  37. IceReign // 2/19/2009 05:39:00 AM  

    I can get a invite a for some reason i am not getting the email?

  38. Tutun // 2/20/2009 07:49:00 AM  

    can i get a invite at

  39. J. Alsman // 2/20/2009 10:01:00 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  40. JTA // 2/20/2009 10:03:00 PM  

    Tried signing up using link w/key, says key is disabled...any ideas? Thanks!

  41. TEAM FILEnetworks // 2/21/2009 01:35:00 AM  

    A new key will be posted today or tomorrow. Watch the homepage.

  42. Trent // 2/21/2009 08:27:00 AM  

    Can anyone send me a key that works, or an invite.

    tmueller09 at gmail dot com


  43. M // 2/22/2009 06:05:00 AM  

    Need key as well vmespadas at gmail dot com.


  44. Anonymous // 2/22/2009 07:24:00 AM  

    Hey, the key has been disabled, but i need to get on pretome fast
    invite me at
    and i can give an invite to also a very good site for torrents.

  45. TEAM FILEnetworks // 2/22/2009 07:44:00 AM  

    Please check the homepage. A new key has been posted.

  46. Assassin // 3/23/2009 03:52:00 PM  

    plz if any knows how to deal with this problem i got plz let me know

    ?i've already registered @ pretome & used it about 2 days.after 2 days when i logged in it says
    "ERROR 403 Forbidden"

    i have a great ratio abt 4.i don't know what the hell happened Plz help me if u do i'll give u a invitation 4 IPtorrents:torrentDamage:FTS

    I'm using a HSDPA connection


  47. John // 4/01/2009 01:27:00 PM  

    Hi, I´m having a problem myself. I´ve registered in pretome 2 mnths ago and until now everything went fine.
    But a few days ago, when I tried to login, nothing happens!!!
    It just stays in the same page (the login), saying that I have 6 remaining login attempts before my IP is banned. It doesn´t matter how many times I try, It just keep saying I have 6 attemps left.

    I tried to get a new password (which they mailed) but I´not going through neither. So the problem is not the password.

    I would apreciate any help. I don´t know what else can I try!

  48. scope2229 // 5/05/2009 05:49:00 PM  

    hi iv been trying to get onto pretome for the last week searching here and there finally managed to work out how to use mric and the damn thing wont let me do anything cus im not registered on the site if someone could invite me that would be great my email is

  49. Pharma BeBo // 5/15/2009 05:13:00 PM  

    Can you send me an invitation or a registration key working ?


  50. sica // 5/24/2009 04:06:00 AM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  51. sica // 5/24/2009 04:07:00 AM  

    can anyone send me 1 invite?


  52. rui // 6/04/2009 05:28:00 PM  

    can anyone send me 1 invite?

  53. Pablo // 6/21/2009 12:31:00 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  54. Pablo // 6/21/2009 12:32:00 PM

    Thank You!!!

  55. mario // 7/08/2009 12:19:00 PM  

    My e-mail address is so if someone can please send me an invite it would be greatly appreciated.

  56. Hugh // 7/09/2009 02:57:00 AM  

    Someone invite me to and I'll invite you to THX

  57. Jecha // 7/15/2009 09:00:00 PM  

    Can anyone plz send a pretome invite to ? Thanks! i can invite demonoid!

  58. Benjamin // 7/18/2009 03:51:00 AM  

    I'm looking for an invitation too please send it to
    I'll be eternally grateful toward the person who'll send me this invite. Thanks!

  59. uğur // 7/21/2009 12:05:00 AM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  60. uğur // 7/21/2009 12:52:00 AM  

    i need pretome Registration Key can anyone send me thk. """"

  61. bangers // 8/07/2009 12:30:00 AM  

    I am too trying to get on. Could someone very kindly add me please?

    Cheers guys ;-)

  62. Purefix // 8/19/2009 09:56:00 PM  

    What an assinine site. Got banned with a message downloaded hundreds of torrents. What ever that means. Downloaded like 20GB and uploaded 35GB in an year since I get most stuff from direct downloads so only went to the site a few times a month to keep it active and keep up ratios by seeding data I had. Staff not very helpful and call you names.

  63. lool // 9/04/2009 04:44:00 PM  

    i need pretome Registration Key can anyone send me thx ""

  64. tew61 // 9/06/2009 02:10:00 PM  

    can anyone send me a working key or invite me to pretome, many thanks mark, email is

  65. kevblev88 // 9/11/2009 12:18:00 PM  

    someone please send me an invite or key thanks. email is

  66. kevblev88 // 9/11/2009 12:19:00 PM  

    someone please send me a key?invite. email is

  67. Felipe Nunes // 9/17/2009 09:09:00 AM  

    someone please send me a key?invite. email is

  68. Adam // 9/17/2009 09:16:00 PM  

    hey anyone got a invite i could get; ill send the creds back to you once i get enough thanks

  69. Jagged // 9/26/2009 12:41:00 AM  

    Account help? I have an account in good standing at but due to a recent issue with my comp I deleted my browsers history and can't find my password.
    I've used the recover password feature and get an email, but when I follow the link to confirm I get a page that says " NOT FOUND sorry pal:( "
    I've sent an email to but got no response. Anyone know how to fix this or contact Pretome so I can find out.
    Thanks, Jagged

  70. hveen // 9/27/2009 06:07:00 PM  

    Please, can someone send a registration key to me.

    Thanks Hveen

  71. // 9/28/2009 04:45:00 PM  

    Hi, can anybody help me with registration key for pretome?
    my e-mail is

    Thank you in advance

  72. Raju // 10/02/2009 01:44:00 PM  

    Hi, can anybody help me with registration key for pretome?
    my e-mail is
    It's very important for me and I'm waiting for long time.Please send me one invitation.

    Thank you in advance

  73. Alexis Nicolas // 10/20/2009 05:46:00 PM  

    Helo, I need a Registration Key for Pretome, my e-mail is Thanks

  74. Mitch // 10/21/2009 04:58:00 AM  

    my sn is drgonzo and i cant get in to my account wont send email to recover or will send but link is blank page

  75. Rajib // 10/21/2009 01:26:00 PM  
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  76. Rajib // 10/21/2009 01:29:00 PM  

    I have registration keys of private tracker. But I need registration key of or in exchange of it. If any one interested please contact me on this email address Please contact with me as soon as possible.

  77. Joe // 10/23/2009 07:19:00 AM  

    Would really like a pretome invite my email is Ironically the only invites I have to offer are to

  78. mickey29 // 10/25/2009 06:41:00 AM  
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  79. Mehmet // 12/16/2009 12:23:00 PM  

    Could anybody please send me an invitation. I had a user with over 500 gb download and 1.1 ratio, but after a long inactive time it had all gone. now I can't enter. thank you so much...

  80. acalidus // 7/04/2010 05:47:00 AM  

    My e-mail address is so if someone can please send me an invite it would be greatly appreciated.

  81. Jason A. // 8/03/2010 05:32:00 AM  

    I had a pretome account a couple of years ago but I did not login in a timely fashion and lost my account. Can someone please send me an invite?

  82. Jason A. // 8/03/2010 05:32:00 AM  

    I had a pretome account a couple of years ago but I did not login in a timely fashion and lost my account. Can someone please send me an invite?