LimeWire 5.0.11 Final – Direct Download

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 1/31/2009 | | 0 Comments »

If I'm not mistaken, this is the first final build of LimeWire 5 series products. LimeWire is a java based p2p client which can be used to connect to Gnutella network. Version 5 comes with new features such as firewall to firewall transfer, faster connections using UDP host caches, UPnP support, ‘What’s New’ search, proxy support, iTunes integration, safe searching and more.

limewire 5.0.11

One of the best additions in LimeWire 5 is the safe searching feature. This has dramatically reduced the number of virus infected search results which were a real pain in the ass in earlier builds. LimeWire also includes limited BitTorrent support but don’t ever use it to download from private trackers. Why? LimeWire is a banned client on most private torrent trackers – use something like uTorrent or Vuze for BitTorrent and keep LimeWire only to swap files on Gnutella.


The regular version of LimeWire can be downloaded directly from official servers.

[Click Here] to download LimeWire 5.0.11 Final