GTi (GrabThe.Info) is a decent private torrent tracker which tracks MMA related torrent as well as movies, music, games and other general content (this includes scene and p2p releases). Lots of changes have been done to the tracker since our last mention of it - including an updated layout. logo

Although GTi does track General/0Day releases, it’s main strength lies in MMA related torrents. You can find lost of MMA events, TV series and instructional on this tracker. As of 18/1/2009, GTi tracks over 2650 active torrents. The number of registered users on this tracker is unknown.

MMA instructional 
Image: MMA instructional on GTi

Signups for GTi had been closed in the past few months (in fact their signup page kept retuning and error). The site is now open and interested readers are able to register without the need for an invite. 2GB free upload credit is given upon signup.

Site Name: GrabThe.Info (

Signup URL:


  • 0Day
  • Anime
  • Audio / EBook
  • Boxing
  • Boxset
  • Documentary
  • Games/PCiso
  • Games/PS2
  • Games/PS3
  • Games/Wii
  • Games/Xbox360
  • Handheld
  • Karaoke
  • Kids
  • MMA-Event
  • MMA-Instructional
  • MMA-TV
  • Movies/DVDR
  • Movies/HD
  • Movies/Xvid
  • Music
  • Music/video
  • TV/x264
  • TV/xvid
  • Unsorted-auto
  • Xmas
  • Xtreme Sports


  1. Sara // 1/19/2009 02:04:00 PM  

    Yeaaaa, thanks!

  2. Anonymous // 1/26/2011 07:35:00 PM  

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