Saint’s Row 2, like many other PC games to be released recently, comes with bonus content that are exclusively available for those who purchased the game from a selected set of vendors/promotions (Gamestop pre-order, etc). However it turns out that this exclusive content is not that hard to unlock in the regular version after all – you just have to type in some codes. This article explains how you can unlock the bonus content in the PC version of Saint’s Row 2 even if you did not pre order the game.

SR2’s so called bonus content comprised of 3 special, hidden vehicles;  Gyro Daddy (a small helicopter), Destroy UFO (a flying saucer, believe it or not) and the Peewee mini bike (a small motorbike). Follow the steps below to unlock each of these vehicles:

1. Launch the game

2. Take out your in game cell phone. Select dial.

3. Enter the following codes, one after the other (make sure you include the hash symbol (#) as well).

  • Gyro Daddy - #4976
  • Destroy UFO - #728237
  • Peewee mini bike - #7266837


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