SceneFeed back online, signups open

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Back in December 2008, we posted an article about SceneFeed, a relatively new private torrent tracker that showed good potential. This site however did not stay online for that long – it was shut down in order to pool more resources to its sister site TorrentVault. Good news is that the administrators have deiced to revive the site and it is now back online.


There is a news post on SceneFeed homepage about the site’s returning:

Due to some complications i wont go into..
we are going to revive this site..
Give us till new years to get everything running..
Our new servers arnt due till 29th of dec due to xmas holidays at the datacentre.
And yes, we designed and own the layout.
Our IRC is up, check out how to connect to it on the IRC menu link.

Apparently the old user accounts are still there but the torrent index seems to have been lost – there are only about 12 torrents currently indexed on the site and they all seem to be user uploads. The reason is explained on a news post:

Our hosting box is paid for and set up..
We're sorting out our content server as we speak to bring you fast scene uploads,
Feel free to help out while we sort this out by uploading some scene releases..

Hopefully the site will return to its former glory once everything is sorted out. In the meantime signups are open and you can register yourself a free account.

Site Name: SceneFeed (

Signup URL:

Read our previous article on SceneFeed to know more about the site.

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