The final build of BitComet 1.09, the popular BitTorrent/HTTP/FTP client, is now available for download. This build contains core improvements, core bugfixes and user interface improvements over previous 1.08 and 1.07 builds (all released in January 2009). Unlike other dedicated BT clients such as uTorrent and Vuze, BitComet has the ability to download HTTP and FTP files in addition to torrent files. This makes it more of a hybrid download manager rather than a BitTorrent client.

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Some of the major features in BItTorrent include support for DHT using Kedemelia, Web seeding, browser plugins, NAT traversal, etc. Note that even though BotComet versions 0.85 to 0.97 came bundled with adware, v1.09 is 100% adware and spyware free. I personally haven’t used this software much since I kind of developed an addiction towards uTorrent. But if you don’t want to use several different applications to download torrents, regular HTTP downloads and FTP links, BitComet can be used as an all in one solution.

Note: If you use private torrent trackers, make sure BitComet 1.09 is an allowed client before you use it. Some BitTorrent clients and versions are banned on private trackers and using a banned client can result in your account getting disabled/warned. List of allowed clients for a particular tracker can usually be found in a FAQ page or in an official forum thread.


[Click Here] to download the latest version of BitComet from official server (link auto updated with latest stable build)