BestShare is Romanian private BitTorrent tracker currently open for signup. Like most trackers from Romania it’s a general/0day tracker. BestShare has been around for more than two years - the site has however been down for sometime recently. It features a revamped user interface and a good number of new torrents are being added daily.

bestshare logo

BestShare currently has close to 5500 registered users and around 700 active torrents. Out of the 700 indexed torrents, 500 were added in the past week. The content is mostly scene releases with several packs:

bestshare - packs

The pre times and download speeds are average. One downside of the recent influx of new torrents is that most of them are left with only 1-2 seeders. Anyway the site is currently open for signups and interested readers may register for free.

Site Name: BestShare (

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