We’ve covered several Gazelle based general/0day private torrent trackers such as FreeTheScene, TorrentIt and 7Track in the past. Officially launched just 3 days ago, SceneRace is the newest general tracker to use the Gazelle codebase. The site is currently open for new registrations.


For the 3 days since SceneRace’s official launch, it has acquired close to 400 registered members. Around 60 torrents have also been indexed. Since this tracker is so new we cannot say anything good or bad about it just yet. But SceneRace administrators definitely seem to have good intentions towards the site’s future:

SceneRace is a 0day tracker, which means we (plan to) focus on racing scene material to our members... hence SceneRace
However we also want to have a significant archive of TV/Movies in the future, and plan to introduce a fast autouploader network in the near future to bring you movies and TV extremely rapidly. The latter is extremely cost prohibitive, so at the moment uploads will be done manually (but still fast).

Be aware that this is only v1 of SceneRace. We have tons more planned, but if we put everything we wanted into the site, we'd never have a final product! Expect a v2 within 2 months, and v6 by summer.

The above is quoted from a news item posted on SceneRace.

As of now registrations for this tracker are open – you can sign up for free without the need for an invite code. 2GB free upload credit as well as 5 invites are given to every new user.

Site Name: SceneRace (http://scenerace.net/)

Signup URL: http://scenerace.net/register.php


  • Music
  • Applications
  • Education
  • TV
  • Movies
  • Misc
  • Portable
  • Games

IRC Channel: irc://irc.scenerace.net/scenerace


  1. Ryan // 1/13/2009 10:58:00 AM  

    From what I have seen, this site is growing nice and slowly, just dont believe anything about BraidN and how hostility towards FunFile. He was banned from FunFile for dogging another uploader at a scene site for stealing files, when this is exactly what he has been doing for a long time.

    BraidN goes under the alian BraidN, Surfzup, and kliik at other 0 day trackers, and actively steals files, and dobs in friends if he has a disagreement.

    Just a heads up for y'all. This needs to be cleared up real quick.

  2. wm bellis // 1/13/2009 11:06:00 AM  

    Well hopefully the guys that have sprouted off of funfile, wont take it to hard when they dont last!! heard about this becoming a real site a couple weeks ago!! Lets fuck funfile up then we'll start our own site!! Good luck too you guys, but seems to me you burnt your bridges when you left , just like a few others have!! Long live Funfile!! I would like to take a second, and thank LOckdOwn, his administrators and Staff for doing such a great job!!