(BB), a general private torrent tracker, has opened public signups once again. In the early days Badbits used to have open signups quite frequently but during the last few months the tracker has almost always been closed for new registrations. If you haven’t heard about Badbits before, it’s a general/0day torrent tracker with movies, music, games, TV shows and other content including scene and p2p releases.


Badbits is a Danish torrent tracker. But there is no reason to worry if you are not from Denmark. Two language options can be found on the site ; English and Danish. There are some Danish torrents (including some Danish movies) on the site along with a good number of English releases. At the time this post is being written, Badbits tracks close to 2100 active torrents.

badbits packs 
Screenshot: Some of the torrent packs available at Badbits.

As we mentioned earlier, the site is currently open for signup. A note on the site reads:

Dear Badbits users. We have chosen to open 1000 more users signups. So if you have a friend who wanna enter, it has to be now. After these thousands of users, we will remain an closed tracker again, and will later be introduced to invite track offender.

So if you are thinking of getting into this tracker, now would be a good time.

Site Name: Badbits (

Signup URL:


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