Who doesn’t love those old games? Classic games such as Doom 1, Heretic, Hexen, NFS 1, Command and Conquer 1 and TES: Daggerfall are still fun to play even in 2009. If you are a fan of classic PC games, here is an FTP server which is full of them. This FTP server contains more than 300 abandonware titles spanning over 5GB of storage space. All of these can easily be downloaded without any limitations.

Screenshot: Some of the files stored FTP server as displayed in FileZilla client

Full list of games is too long to post here – just know that some of the best games to be released in the 1990’s are available. Note that the complete title of the game is not visible. You’ll have to guess the game based on the archive filename (which is easy).

I’ve not downloaded all the files located on this server so I cannot guarantee that everything will be virus free. Anyway the ones I downloaded worked perfectly and there were no malware involved.

Server location and how to access

The games are located on, more specifically in the folder.

If you are using an FTP compliant web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox 3, you don’t need any special software to access this server. Simply click and the contents will be displayed within your web browser. You can even use download managers (that support FTP) to download the files.

If you want advanced features such as download management and queuing, try accessing the server with dedicated FTP client software such as FileZilla. FileZilla download links as well as a brief tutorial can be found in our previous article located here.

How to play old games on modern operating systems such as Windows Vista?

Note that if a game is designed for MS-DOS, it will not run on Windows Vista by default. To get MS-DOS games working in Vista follow the steps mentioned in this article.

If a games does not require DOS and still won’t run in Vista, try changing the compatibility mode of the game exe to an older operating system such as Windows 98 or Windows XP.

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    The port is now 21 but got a problem I guess, cuz it connects on 21 but doesnt allow anonymous access.

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