Good news folks – popular public tracker H33T is back online. Both the site and the BitTorrent tracker are now functioning after 3-4 days of downtime. Although H33T is a hugely popular tracker, we never got around to publishing a detailed article about it in our torrent trackers section. So here is the detailed review for, one of the best public trackers currently around.


As mentioned, H33T is a public tracker – registration is not mandatory to download torrents nor do you have to maintain a mandatory download:upload ratio.  H33T is not merely a torrent index - they do have their own BitTorrent tracker (Ex - Additionally, torrents tracked by other public trackers such as TPB are also indexed here (watch for ‘EXT’ tag). With over 33000 active torrents, H33T one of the larger BitTorrent trackers currently online. One great features of H33T is that even though it’s a public tracker, it has an the amazingly low number of fake and virus infected torrents.

The content here is great and there are many torrents available on H33T which are not found elsewhere. This includes a comics section updated with daily comic book releases, a large collection of AIO (All In One) software packs, huge amount of portable applications, e-books, mobile software, movies, music, TV Shows and various other torrents. Apart from popular PC titles, I noticed some game packs which included Reflexive arcade, Gamehouse and other smaller games. Although a single screenshot can’t capture the vast content available on H33T, here is a screen of some of the packs:

h33t AIO packs

Most of the AIO packs on H33T come with setup screens with links to all included programs and their related addons (key generators, cracks, patches, etc). One thing I have noticed is that H33T has a great set of uploaders (migel, CaZoR, MAMBO04, and other – full list here) who’ve uploaded many unique torrents to the tracker. Trusted uploaders and members are color coded – check this page for full list. H33T’s official forums (which have around 9500 active members) can be found on

The site is currently online so don’t forget to check it out (if you haven’t already) - no ratio, no registration.

Site Name: H33T (

Registration URL:


  1. Bryant // 1/08/2009 08:46:00 AM  

    Sorry to ask here...

    Is anyone able to visit ?

    the web did'nt load for me so i just want to check if anybody has the same problem as me.


  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 1/08/2009 10:30:00 AM  

    The site seems to be down for the moment.

  3. Chiransj // 1/08/2009 04:40:00 PM  

    Yes indeed is down! I checked it from, given the same result.

  4. Bryant // 1/08/2009 05:05:00 PM  

    Oh okay, thanks for the replies!


  5. OziiX // 1/11/2009 03:30:00 PM  

    I think this site has really good looking design and very nice public tracker.. Thanks for the review