If you were disappointed by the cancellation of planned GFT IRC invites opening earlier, here is some good news that you might want to hear. SceneFZ (SFZ), an excellent general/0day tracker, is currently open for free signups. SFZ is usually closed to the public and requires and SMS code to get in (for which I believe you have to pay). They have however opened free signups for all users from today till the 11th of May – this is not a common occurrence and usually only happens about four times every year. SFZ in my opinion is a very underrated BitTorrent tracker.


SceneFZ has over 52000 members and is a bigger tracker than the likes of RevolutionTT and Torrent-Damage in terms of user base. With over 13200 active torrents,it has richer content than most other general/0day trackers currently around as well. SceneFZ has it’s roots in Romania – like most Romanian trackers the download speeds here are very good.

Almost all torrents indexed on this site are English releases (scene, p2p and SfZ exclusives). This includes movies, music, games and all sorts of other torrents found in general trackers. In addition, SFZ has some great exclusive packs as you can see from the screenshot below:

scenefz packs

What’s even more cool about these packs is that all of them are on free leech. SFZ exclusive releases can be identified by the ‘sfz’ tag at the end of the title of a torrent.

Another thing that you’ll notice about this tracker is its interface. SFZ doesn’t have a common interface like most other trackers. I personally like the layout and specially the cool category icons. The site however contains advertisements – probably their way of covering server costs as they don’t accept donations AFAIK. Also, I found an interesting FireFox extension for SFZ called “SceneFZ Notifier” – it apparently alerts you when new torrents are added to the tracker. You can download the extension from here (i haven't tested this).

As mentioned above signups will stay open till the 11th. If you are looking for a decent general tracker, check this out.

Site Name: SceneFZ (http://scenefz.net)

Signup URL: Go to http://scenefz.net, accept the agreement and choose ‘Sign up’ from the left pane.

Thanks to ‘Oleg’ for the heads up.


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    thank you LSK nice site i was there past year but was disabled due to inactivity but now i wont do it again :)