Pirates crack X-Men Origins : Wolverine DRM (PC)

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First of all we are 1-2 days late with this article – extremely sorry about that. While pirates from all around the world were waiting for a working crack for Chronicles of Riddick : Assault on Dark Athena, scene group RELOADED have released a cracked version of X-Men Origins : Wolverine. It’s an action adventure game based on the hit movie of the same name. I have had the time to play X-Men Origins : Wolverine for about 3 hours and I’m genuinely surprised at how good it is, specially given that it’s a movie based game (which usually suck balls).

x-men origins wolverine pc

X-Men Origins : Wolverine comes with embedded Digital Rights Management (DRM) software in a bid to fight piracy. However RELOADED are one of the few groups out there who seem to have mastered the art of cracking SecuROM. Besides, this game does not seem to be protected with SecuROM PA (online activation component) so it may have made things easier for the crackers. RELOADED’s release comprises of a full DVD ISO of the game as well as a cracked executable which has the DRM removed.

The cracked release has already made it to public and private torrent trackers and is being heavily downloaded. It’s not surprising because the user perception on this game in various gaming forums is pretty good. X-Men Origins : Wolverine has an aggregate review score of 74% on GameRankings (based only on two reviews) but I don't think this score does justice to the game. Anyway screw the critics - go ahead and play it – it’s a damn fun game with lots of blood and gore. Buy it and support the devs if you can.

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    could you pls give me a link to download the crack for the game...