When we first posted about PS2P back in late 2008, it was just a start up tracker that had to face the test of time like any other new BitTorrent site. Six months later, PS2P still stands - with a bigger community, better content and many new features. For those who don’t know, PS2P is a private torrent tracker specializing in Playstation 1, 2 and Playstation Portable games. It has a lot of ISO images and ROMs of PS games which can be played both on modded consoles and on PCs (with the use of emulators). In addition to games, there is a great collection of official soundtracks  (OST) of video games released for Playstation consoles over the past few years.


Statistics won’t tell you much about PS2P – rather than focusing purely on numbers, they seem to be focusing on gaining active members as well as quality content. There are currently 1500+ users and 250+ active torrents on this site. Out of the 250+ torrents, most are packs, FULLSETS or collections with multiple games in one torrent (for example all PS2 games beginning with letter A in one torrent). This includes 1200+ PS2 PAL Games/Versions, 1800+ US PS2 Games, around 800+ Asian PS2 Games – that’s almost 4000 console games right there. Some PS2, PSP emulators, Hacks, Mods, DVD Covers and other Tools for the Playstation console scan also be found on this tracker.

As you can see, there is a huge amount of Playstation games available for download here on PS2P. Most of the torrents are uploaded as ‘contributions’ or as parts of ongoing projects by the site’s active community. There are also a lot of non scene releases available here which you might not find on any other torrent tracker.

ps2-p torrents

During This includes the PS2-P Wiki, the past few months, lots of new features have been added to this tracker. This includes the new Wiki, cool new category icons, revamp of categories, several new projects and ‘contributions’, games from REDUMP.ORG, the ‘featured torrents’ section and many more. Also don’t forget that PS2-P has a cool, unique interface.

If you still are not a member, we hear that public signups for PS2P will be open till the 4th of May, 2009. Quoted from site homepage:

PS2PTT will open its doors from this Friday 1st May am till Monday 4th May am GMT.
Tell all your friends.

Check it out. It’s a great resource if you have a modded console or if you are planning to play emulated PS/PS2 games in the future (something we’ll cover in more detail in an upcoming article).

Site Name: PS2-P Tracker (http://ps2ptt.com)

Signup URL: http://ps2ptt.com/signup.php


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Thanks to Oleg and frank for the heads up.


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