When certain software are installed on your system, they sometimes add startup entries so that components of the application get started whenever Windows is booted up. Startup entries are also used by malicious programs to get themselves initialized every time the computer is started. Most of the time you wouldn’t be notified when a new startup entry is added, even when it’s done by a legitimate software. However, having unnecessary programs configured to run at startup could seriously affect system performance. Autoruns is a free software that could help clean up your startup programs list and thereby help increase system performance.

autoruns screenshot

Autoruns is not only capable of examining entries in the startup folder (comon anyone can do that) – It also scans several registry locations such as Run and RunOnce to which startup entries are usually added. Note that the first time you run AutoRuns it’ll list loads of Microsoft services and stuff most of which are actually components of Windows. To filter out startup entries added by 3rd parties click on Hide Signed Microsoft Entries option.


[Click Here] to download the latest version of Autoruns from official page (link auto updated with latest build)