How long could we go on without posting about a Romanian General tracker? Not very long apparently. I don’t know much about the legal climate over there but they sure do have tons of private BitTorrent trackers. MazeTorrents is another General/0Day tracker that is based in Romania. This tracker has been around for some time and has managed to establish a small community of users of its own. The site interface has changed for the better since I last visited it several months ago and registrations have been opened to the public since the 18th of this month for an indefinite period of time.


MazeTorrents (MzT) currently tracks a little over 2250 torrents. The number of users on this tracker is unknown (has an Alexa ranking of ~375000). In most aspects, MazeTorrents is your average general tracker. They however do have some nice packs in addition to the scene and p2p releases which can be found almost on every tracker on the planet:

mazetorrents packs

Packs unique to MazeTorrents are designated by the tag ‘MzT’. However, it’s unknown if all these packs are exclusive to MazeTorrents or if they are taken from other private trackers. The reason why I say it is that I found some packs ending with the tag ‘TL’ (i.e. Best.Film.Oscars.Pack.1970-2008.XViD-TL) – these are exclusive packs found on TorrentLeech.

Either way registrations for MzT are currently open – we however do not know how long they will stay open. All new users get 2GB free upload credit as well as 1 new invite.

Site Name: MazeTorrents (

Signup URL:


  1. Silencer // 5/19/2009 04:56:00 AM  

    maybe the weakest level 2 tracker ever seen

  2. Triad_470 // 5/19/2009 05:04:00 AM  

    Levels are for retards.

  3. PC // 5/19/2009 08:04:00 PM  

    This tracker is pretty slow as far as page loading goes.

    And they have everything everyone else does, so they don't stand out to me.