If you are using hardware (motherboard, etc) based on an AMD chipset, you might want to check this post out. AMD Overdrive is an application that can be used to fine tune your hardware as well as to unlock advanced tweaking options that are not available by default. This is not an application developed by a 3rd party but by AMD itself. A new build of OverDrive (v3.02 build 289) was released yesterday with many new features and bugfixes. Note that this is a very powerful piece of software – using it recklessly will can even damage your hardware.

amd overdrive

NEW Features

  • AMD Black Edition Memory Profiles
  • Achieve optimum high speed DDR3 performance with pre-tuned memory profiles. Open up bandwidth and overclock your memory for even more performance.
  • AMD Smart Profiles
  • Tune performance when you run the applications you use most. Set optimum affinity and performance based on our default profiles or customize your own.
  • Customizable AutoClock
  • More options for experienced users to automatically tune their PC
  • Fan Control
  • Enhanced support for monitoring your PC and taking control
  • Ready to use with Microsoft Windows 7

You can get more information from the app homepage located here.


[Click Here] to download AMD Overdrive 3.02 build 289 – Direct Download