This is probably old news but I didn’t notice this until now – FYI this was released on the 14th, four days ago. Still Life 2, an adventure game published by Microids has been cracked by Italian release group CPY. What’s interesting about this release is that this game was protected by TAGES + Solidshield + Activation + Custom protection; the same anti piracy measure that prevented pirates from cracking Chronicles of Riddick : Assault on Dark Athena for nearly a month after the game’s release. TAGES + Solidshield is generally considered as a very time consuming, difficult protection to crack.

still life 2 logo

However group CPY seems to have had no trouble with the protection as they’ve managed to release a cracked English version of the game just a day after it’s official Europe (EU) release date. It is not known if the TAGES version embedded into this game is the same as that included in Dark Athena. It is also not known if CPY’s crack is based on the recent Dark Athena crack by Darkcoder. Either way the game seems to work just fine – a full DVD ISO of Still Life 2 as well as the modified executable (apparently void of protection) is included in CPY release.

CPY is a veteran release group that’s almost 10 years old. Their recent achievements include the release of some Steam protected titles including The Maw.