Over the past month or so, several new text book trackers have joined the BitTorrent scene. Initially we featured PureTorrents, a new textbook/academic torrent site that’s registered some rapid growth. Then a few days ago we introduced you to Bibliotik – a new library tracker with text books, ebooks and more. Today we are going to talk about Free The Textbooks, a fairly new site for college texts, coursework, exam papers, etc. Slowly but surely, these sites are slowly beginning to fill the large gap left behind by the demise of Textbook Torrents, world’s largest textbook tracker at one point.

free the textbooks

A short intro to Free the Textbooks! is given via the following notice, which is posted on site homepage:

Making the large scale theft of exam papers and textbooks so much easier. It might take a while, but we intend to become the biggest educational file sharing site full stop. You can help us by seeding.

Although this is a fairly new start up tracker just a few months old, it already has close to 1500 torrents indexed. There are both public and private torrents indexed – torrents tracked by FreetheTextbook’s own BitTorrent tracker as well as external torrents tracked by public trackers such as that of TPB’s. Obviously, ratio is calculated only for internal, private torrents.

The content on this tracker mainly comprises of text books, coursework, exam papers, children’s books, documentaries, lectures etc (see categories below for more information). The screenshot below captures some of the torrents indexed on Free The Textbooks!:

free the textbooks screenshot

Although the content is pretty good, Free the Textbooks definitely needs more users; most of the indexed torrents have 1 seeder. This is a common problem for more new Bittorrent sites and hopefully this will be rectified as the tracker gains more popularity over time.

Registrations for Free The Textbooks! is currently open. If you are interested in text books/academic material, check this site out.

Site Name: Free the Textbooks (http://www.freeetextbooks.com)

Signup URL: http://www.freeetextbooks.com/account-signup.php


  • Childrens' Books - Colouring Books - Learning Books
  • Coursework - A Level - GCSE - IB - University
  • Documentaries
  • Exam Papers - A Level - Computing - GCSE - IB - IGCSE - KS!/KS2/KS3 - Miscellaneous - O Level
  • Lectures - Biology - Chemistry - Maths - Physics - Politics
  • Textbooks - A Level - Accounting - Archaeology - Architecture - Art - Biology - Chemistry - College - Computer Science - Criminology - Economics - Education - Electronics - Engineering - English - Geography - Geology - History - IGCSE/GCSE/High School - KS1/KS2/KS3 - Languages - Law - Literature - Maths - Medicine - Miscellaneous - Music - Philosophy - Physics - Politics - Psychology - Religion
  • Vocational - CBT


  1. tipcop // 5/19/2009 03:43:00 PM  

    funny, coz I'm receiving an error:

    'There has been a problem with your activation link'

    so how should I register??

  2. Anonymous // 5/20/2009 01:00:00 AM  

    The signup link is ok.. try it again.. :)

  3. TEAM FILEnetworks // 5/20/2009 03:03:00 AM  

    Yes the signup link works.

  4. tipcop // 5/20/2009 01:45:00 PM  

    well it doesn't work, I can't get my account activated...it gives an error!

    the problem is not with the signup url, the problem is with the "activation confirmation" url that will be sent to the registered e-mail account.

    the activation confirmation gives this error:

    'There has been a problem with your activation link'

    so....what's the problem?

  5. tipcop // 5/20/2009 01:57:00 PM  

    it works now, had to try with 3 different names till it finally approved...dang, thnx for the post though, really needed this tracker

  6. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 5/20/2009 02:07:00 PM  

    When i click on the confirmation link here is what i get:
    "Account successfully confirmed!
    Your account has been activated!
    You can now login to the site"

    If it helps, i used a gmail account.

  7. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 5/20/2009 02:12:00 PM  

    Oh sorry i didnt see your previous post. Glad you got it working.

  8. tipcop // 5/20/2009 06:39:00 PM  

    thanx for the help, LST !

    I think it was the password being too short.

  9. wilmark // 5/21/2009 02:20:00 AM  

    Lame Site - Only two torrents posted in the past week. If you want educational material and books go to gigapedia - today they have added over 100 titles. I am exhausting the usefulness of this site (filenetworks) as they rate up everything - i end up joining crappy sites that have very little content. Most of the sites featured here are almost covered by demonoid in content.

  10. Thomas // 5/22/2009 04:56:00 PM  

    I found this website www.bookboon.com which has legal free textbooks within many of the courses I have at uni. Great site and you don't need to register to download books.

  11. theother // 10/01/2009 12:53:00 PM  

    Dead torrents - as per their search: 2076
    Alive torrents - as per their search: 69
    As of date: 01/10/09

    Disclaimer/Motto: Making the large scale theft of exam papers and textbooks so much easier. | We have not received any legal threats yet, but we hope to be breaking the law 20,000 times a day very soon.

    Lots of talk, lots of show, not a lot of torrents - very little substance.

    Don't waste your time.

  12. Anonymous // 12/26/2009 04:17:00 PM  
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  13. Anonymous // 8/26/2010 09:02:00 PM  

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