It’s awesome news if you love retro movies and TV shows. Gormogon, a private torrent tracker specializing in obscure, rare, classic movie and TV torrents has just opened public registrations for the first time ever. Apart from movies made since the 1930s, Gormogon tracks full season packs of quite a few TV shows which were hits back then. We had previously given away 250+ invites to this tracker through our giveaways section but that hardly met the demand. If you couldn’t obtain an invite earlier of if you are hearing about this tracker for the first time, here’s a golden opportunity to get into this rapidly growing site.


Gormogon is not exactly a new site to the BT scene – it’s a resurrected version of Classic Cinema Zone (CCZ), another retro movies tracker. Gormogon however is run by a new set of admins/staff and was rebuilt from scratch. Since their launch, the site’s been growing at a fast pace. They’ve been adding thousands of new torrents every month and Gormogon’s total active torrent count has now exceeded 6350. Member recruitment has understandably been slow as the site’s been invite only since day one. As at 1/12/2009 there are 1250+ registered users on Gormogon.

Download speeds on this tracker are average. Most of the torrents have enough seeders so that you can download them without issues. There’s no point of talking about pre times as majority of the releases are non-scene uploads that aren’t found on many other places. That brings us to the content tracked by Gormogon. There’s an impressive collection of classic movies ranging from 1930s to the late 1980s as well as some awesome full season packs of rare TV series. In addition, quite a few OST (official soundtracks) from retro hits, classic music and even old time radio shows are available for download. Some of the indexed torrents can bee seen in the screenshot below:

Gormogon Screenshot

Note that a small number of indexed torrents are tracked by external public trackers such as that of TPB’s. Ratio rules do not apply to these torrents. However the vast majority of releases are tracked by Gormogon’s own private BitTorrent tracker and they do have ratio rules for these torrents.

If there was one complaint we had about Gormogon it would be their layout. The site runs on xbtit tracker source and the layout looks somewhat dated by today’s standards. Anyways this is not a huge deal and the rare content more than makes up for it.

As the title of this post says, Gormogon is currently open for signup. Open signups are likely to continue throughout December or until the sites' current user limit (5000) is reached (whichever comes first). Right now you don’t have to worry about running out of free slots as there are 3500+ spots left.

Site Name: Gormogon (

Signup URL:

Thanks to Keshav for the heads up.

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    To my regret there are DVDRips
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    I prefer PTP