Finally, we’ve managed to post the latest issue of TGSC without a massive delay. Issue #37 of Game Scene Charts was pre’d on the 27th Of December and this issue covers game ISO/DOX scene group rankings for the month of November 2009. For those of you who are unfamiliar with TGSC, it’s coded magazine that rates and ranks release groups from the warez scene. Rankings are primarily based on the number of cracked PC game releases made available by a group, in a given month. TGSC comes with its own rendering engine and does not require any additional software to run – just click on the executable and start reading.


Note that TGSC is a magazine created by sceners for sceners. As you may already know, scene members are not very fond of P2P. This month’s TGSC editorial again reflects this ‘un-friendliness’.

It really hurts my heart that there are topsites out there that are connected to torrents and other public filesharing services. Torrent sites that have or still earning a large pile of money on the releases from the scene. It hurts so badly that high profile sceners can be that stupid. Earning money on adverts and donations, with scene releases as the ground foundation of interest is just plain stupid.

Anyways back to the group rankings. For the release month November 2009, group SKIDROW tops the charts. RELOADED holds the second position while 0x0007 has come 3rd (0x0007 is a division of RELOADED which focuses on German releases). For full rankings and other articles, you can download and read the magazine from the link below.


[Click Here] to download Game Scene Charts Issue 37 from MediaFire

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