One of the more popular uses of BitTorrent is downloading TV shows. The ability to download newest episodes of latest TV shows as well as being able to grab complete season packs of even older episodes makes BT a highly attractive choice when it comes to this. If you download TV torrents using your PC, here’s an application you should check out. TVTrigger is a multi functional desktop app that allows you discover and download television series via BitTorrent. Not only does it provide detailed information about specific TV series but the app itself can act as a BitTorrent client, with a built in torrent search feature.


First up, the application is great at presenting detailed, organized information about both new and old TV series. You’ll be able to view a lot of info ranging from cast, crew, episodes details, network info, ratings and you’ll even be able to listen to a shows’ official soundtrack and watch episode trailers right from the desktop. You can either search TVTrigger’s database (which is claimed to include records of 3000+ series) or browse it if you are looking for a specific show. If not, you can discover new series through the app’s ‘Featured Shows’ and ‘Listings’ features.

You might not notice it at first but TVTrigger can act as a BitTorrent client – this is where things get really interesting. Not only that, it includes a torrent search feature where you can search for specific TV shows (there’s even a drop down menu with preset show names) right from the app. Searches can be customized by episode number, season number, etc. TVTrigger currently searches Mininova, VerTor, BTJunkie and ISOHunt. Once a search returns results, you can either download the torrent either using TVTrigger itself or using another BitTorrent client of your choice. This is probably illegal in some countries such as the US (after all, even RealDVD got banned there) but it’s supposedly legal in the country where it’s being developed; Egypt.

One of the downsides of this software (at least for me) is the lack of support for private trackers. If TVTrigger at some point integrates popular private TV trackers such as BitMeTV,, etc in its torrent search feature, that would make it a much much more useful tool for power users of BitTorrent.

Either way TVTrigger is still a decent app. It’s free so download and check it out.


[Click Here] to visit the official download page to grab the latest version


  1. Unknown // 12/12/2009 03:24:00 PM  

    I like TED..

  2. Laennec // 12/12/2009 06:41:00 PM  

    first time i hear of it
    thanks :)

  3. Unknown // 12/12/2009 10:23:00 PM  

    All you really need to do is get a good IRC script and idle in your tracker's announce channel.

  4. Unknown // 12/13/2009 06:54:00 AM  

    I cant add shows as favorites for some reason :(

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