If you frequently upload images to free online image hosting services such as ImageShack and Tinypic, this little software can save you a lot of time. Every time you want to upload an image to any one of these services, you have to visit the web page, select the file through web interface and then upload it to the service. This procees could get boring after a while. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could upload an image right from your desktop, maybe by just right clicking on an image file? This is exactly what ImageShack/Tinypic uploader v1.52 does – it can directly upload user images to aforementioned image hosting services without the need for a web browser.

tinypic imageshack uploader

The screenshot above should give you a better idea of this software and the features associated with it. Note that once you upload an image, the uploader automatically retrieves the direct link to image and displays it on the main interface. Pretty cool stuff. If you are into torrenting and private torrent trackers, this can save a lot of time when creating ratio proofs, screenshots etc as well.


[Click Here] to visit the official download page for Tinypic / Imageshack Uploader v1.52 -(May 29th 2009)

If you get an access denied error message after clicking on the download link, copy the direct download link and paste it onto a download manager – this should work.