For our readers who missed open signups of DVDSeed and SceneSound when they were posted earlier, here is some great news. Both these trackers have re-opened public registrations and this time it’s likely that they’ll be open for more than a few hours. DVDSeed is an untouched DVDR (DVD5 and DVD9) and Blu-Ray movie/TV torrent tracker which is rarely open for public registrations. SceneSound is a new scene MP3 releases tracker that is based on the SoftMP3 source code – first open signup of this tracker lasted only for a few hours and many members could not get in during this short time interval.

Since both these sites were reviewed in detail here on FILEnetworks Blog recently, same information will not be repeated in this post. However we highly recommend you read the full tracker review (links given in the descriptions below) to get a detailed understanding of the site before you join.


SceneSound tracker

SceneSound seems to have moved to a better server setup and have apparently fixed several issues with the site– problems with signup page and RSS feeds now seem to be resolved. The bad news is that they’ve banned about 25 countries from the tracker – reason for this is unknown. A translated version of the news item posted on SceneSound is included below:

We are now running again on a better and more stable host. It has also been some changes in staff, you can see them here.

  • RSS feeds are updated and fix. There are now more choices before you generate a flow.
  • The donation page will come up shortly, more details of this when it is approaching.
  • Anyone can request and upload.
  • Some countries have been banned: Za. Ch. Ie. Ar. Mx. Hu. Tr. It. Pl. Il. Ro. Nz. Sk. For. Sg. Cn. Ru. Rs. De. Gr. Es. Ec . br. pt

Last, but certainly not least, registration is open.

Site Name: SceneSound (
Signup URL:
Stats: 1500+ users and 1200+ torrents (both users and torrents are being added at a rapid rate so these stats may not always be up to date) 
Description: SceneSound is a scene MP3 releases tracker that is a great alternative to now defunct SoftMP3. The site has recorded explosive growth both in terms of torrents and users although it’s only a week old. For more information on site features and screenshots, please refer to the full review located here.



According to a notice posted on DVDSeed, the site is running a holiday promotion – public registrations will be open for one whole week. A translated version of the aforementioned notice is posted below:

Holiday Promotion - Registration open

Dear users Dvdseed,
Approaching holidays - in connection with this club together with the DS we decided to open registration for the DS for a week.
Registration will open on 6 June 2009 to 14 June 2009
At the same time, a reminder that people who set up the second account should reckon with the fact that in accordance with the Rules of Procedure may lose both accounts. Also, accounts parked immediately after registration will be banned.

Site Name: DVDSeed (
Signup URL:
Stats: 3500+ torrents
Description: DVDSeed is a full DVDR and untouched Blu-Ray movies tracker with lots of English and some Polish releases. For more details on available releases, screenshots and language options (including signup page translation and how-to), please refer to our recent review of the site which can be found here.


  1. derek // 6/08/2009 07:25:00 PM  

    problem signing at

    get this message :

    " Możesz przejść do pola logowania w celu zalogowania się do serwisu :) . "

    plz help
    I cant understand wat that means...

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 6/08/2009 07:55:00 PM  

    It's not an error. It means ""You can go to the login box to login to the site:)."