For long time readers of FILEnetworks Blog, the name Wunza should be a little familiar. was/is a specialized movie tracker based on Gazelle that was first mentioned here back in 2008. Although it did not record an explosive growth as we initially expected, the site was decent enough to become a member of. However Wunza suffered from an extended downtime in 2009 (was offline for about 3 months), leading many users to think that it had shut down for good. This however does not seem to be the case – the site is now back online and Wunza v2 has been launched with several new features.


Quoted below is a news item posted on site homepage regarding Wunza V2:

After 2 months of work Wunza V2 is finally going online. As you can see we've had a major site redesign.
To go along with the new site we've coded an integrated points system site wide. From now on you'll receive points for nearly everything you do on the site: Uploading, Seeding, Forum activity, and much more.
To use these hard earned points we've made a points store where users can buy upload and custom titles as well as gift points to other users. In the future we will be adding more to the store so watch for future site updates.
To make your time here at Wunza more enjoyable we've also added a games system coded especially for Wunza. Currently you can try your hand at Blackjack and Hangman and we will be adding more games soon.
All of these new features are still somewhat beta and have been untested in an active environment, thus if there are any errors or unexpected hiccups in the system please message either flick or kr.
Because of the major changes we've made to the site, the torrents and forums have been reset. It's up to you to make Wunza great again. Upload, post, download like crazy, we're all counting on YOU.
Welcome back to the Wunza Community.

True there are some new features but Wunza will have to do something special if they are to rise again. This includes rebuilding the user and torrent database which have got reset during the downtime. When it was started back in 2008, Wunza was one of the first Gazelle based trackers that was around. However they do not have this advantage today – there are several other Gazelle based movie trackers such as PassThePopCorn, 700MBz (Open), Tehconnection (IRC invites open), etc that have thousands of torrents and users and have got a head start over Wunza. On a more positive note, over 450 members have signed up in the first two days since Wunza’s return. Signups are still open so you can check it out as well:

Site Name: Wunza (

Signup URL: