Here is another private torrent tracker that is currently open for signup. Audiotracer is a private torrent tracker specializing in audio utilities, music authoring applications, tutorial ebooks, sound effects and other music related extras. Apart from these audio utilities, Audiotracer tracks some music albums (lossless FLAC format) as well as MIDI music tracks. The site’s main theme however is audio appz for Windows and Mac platforms.


Although you may not have heard about this tracker before, Audiotracker has a respectable user base of 5200+ members. It also tracks 2800+ active torrents (stats as of 2/1/2009). To get a better idea on the content Audiotracker has to offer, refer to the screenshot below as well as to the categories section to the end of this article.

audiotracer screen

Audiotracer is known to open signups from time to time. This is one such occasion when it’s open for public registrations. If you are interested in music, music authoring or any related field, don’t forget to check this tracker out.

Site Name: Audiotracer (

Signup URL:


  • Audio ISO
  • Audio Utility
  • Audioappz
  • Ebooks
  • Hybrid
  • Keygen
  • Macintosh
  • Movie
  • Music (MIDI)
  • Presets
  • Refill
  • SampleCD
  • Update
  • VSTi-DXi
  • _FLAC_Electro
  • _FLAC_Other
  • _FLAC_Rock