Pro Audio Torrents and it’s sister site AppzUniverse are currently both open for signups. Pro Audio Torrents is a private tracker specializing in audio utilities, music related apps, e-books and other extras while AppzUniverse is a dedicated Mac and PC general software tracker. Read one for more information.

Pro Audio Torrents


Site Name: ProAudioTorrents

Signup URL:

Description: This tracker does not track music albums or actual music itself, but tracks a lot of extras such as music editing software, sound effects, tutorials and such. For a full description on Pro Audio Torrents tracker please refer to our previous post. 

Categories: Ebooks, Expansions & Addons, HYBRID PC/MAC, Mac Audio Apps, Mac Updates, Misc/Other, Musical Training, PC Audio Apps, PC Updates, Refills, RTAS, Samples / Libraries, SFX, Software Tutorials, Synth, VST Instruments, VST Plug-ins



Site Name:

Signup URL:

Description: AppzUniverse is a dedicvated software tracker. You can find over 1500 torrents of PC and MAc software and software packs. Without a doubt one of the best appz trackers currently online. For more information on AppzUniverse, please refer to our previous post about this tracker.


  • 3D / Graphics
  • 3D / Graphics Training
  • Appz Dev Tools
  • Appz Dev Training
  • Appz Training
  • Certification Courses
  • Ebooks / Mags
  • Hybrid Appz
  • Mac Apps
  • Mac Updates
  • Misc / Other
  • Mobility Appz
  • Other Op Sys Appz
  • PC Apps
  • PC Updates
  • Photo / Video Appz
  • Photo / Video Training
  • Web Dev Training
  • Web Templates/Addons


Note: Be warned that both these trackers will close open signups in less than 17 hours (from time of this post). So you better hurry if you want to get in.