This is the sister site of AppzUniverse (which is also open right now). Although the name Pro Audio Torrents may imply that this is yet another music tracker, it is not. Pro Audio Torrents does not track actual music albums or songs, but it does track a lot of applications and e-books that are used in music editing and creation. To get an idea of the content on this tracker, refer to the categories section below.

ProAudioTorrents tracks 4500+ torrents at time of this post. As mentioned earlier this site is currently open for signup. Just like it’s sister site, Pro Audio Torrents usually closes signups within a day. So if  you want to get in, now would be a good time.


Site Name: ProAudioTorrents

Signup URL:


  • Ebooks
  • Expansions & Addons
  • Mac Audio Apps
  • Mac Updates
  • Misc/Other
  • Musical Training
  • PC Audio Apps
  • PC Updates
  • Refills
  • RTAS
  • Samples / Libraries
  • SFX
  • Software Tutorials
  • Synth
  • VST Instruments
  • VST Plug-ins


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