This month (October) seems to be a good one for PC gaming since a lot of anticipated titles such as Dead Space (24-Oct), Far Cry 2 (24-Oct), Bully: Scholarship Edition (24-Oct) and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (31-Oct) are scheduled to be released. Here is some good news for the folks who waiting to download these games via Bittorrent- Underground-Gamer (UG), a dedicated games torrent tracker is currently open for signup. UG is an excellent alternative to those who cannot access high level trackers such as Blackcats-Games (BCG). This site tracks over 6500 torrents and has a user base of 25200 (at time of post). UG’s torrents are not only limited to PC games; you can find games for many consoles, including XBOX360, PSX and even for some of the older game consoles as well. Apart from games. you can download bonus content such as official game guides, consoles hacks, console emulators and even gaming magazines through UG.

The site is currently open for signup. You may want to hurry as this tracker is known to close signups quickly.


Site Name: Underground-Gamer

Signup URL:


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