Hiren’s BootCD is a bootable ISO image which contains over 100 diagnostics utilities (see list below). You can burn the ISO to a CD and boot up your computer with it to diagnose hardware and software problems your may encounter on your PC.Since it’s bootable, it doesn't matter if you can get Windows (or other OS) to boot up or not. The set of utilities this app integrated is astounding; from file recovery tools to partition managers, Hiren’s BootCD seem to have an utility to diagnose and repair every possible problem you can imagine happen to a computer.

As you may have noted, the title says something about a keyboard patch. Well it allows you to patch the ISO image so that it supports the keyboard layout you are using. This feature will be useful to people who use keyboard layouts other than US Keyboard (You don’t want to mix up the keys for ‘disk check’ and ‘destroy-all-partitions’ now do you?).

Also note that even if Hiren’s BootCD is free sofrware, some of the appz it contains may be pirated copies. Use at your own risk.


[Click Here] for a full list of utilities Hiren’s BootCD includes (it’s too long to paste here)

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