(No it’s not open for signups, sorry) SceneAccess (SCC) is undoubtedly one of the best General/0Day trackers out there. Apart from the outstanding pre times, it has one of the best archive sections with more than 550 packs! The archive section as well as their 0day section is on freeleech for ever. SCC recently celebrated their 2nd birthday, and they have announced that SCC v2 will be launched soon with many new features:

Today is the day many of us were waiting for, our 2nd BIRTHDAY. We decided that 1 day is not enough, so we plan to celebrate it until the end of the month!
Firsty, SCC v2 BETA will be launched in the next couple of days. The ones eligible for BETA access (Scene Legends and above and all our donors) will be notified and given access when the time comes.
Some stuff we have been working on v2 are:

  • New HOT design!!! which validates as XHTML/CSS strict, which means no more logo at the bottom of the page for opera users :D
  • High attention was put into the performance of the site
  • Completely new search engine and new search features
  • Pimped and improved Movie (IMDB) and TV (TVRage/TV.com) information
  • And many cool new features!


And that’s not all. They’ve created the SceneAccess v2 anthem which can be found on their YouTube channel. Here are the lyrics for those interested:

Yo, 97 weeks in the makin'...
Shout out to big zab... Geen da genius...
Dj joolz on the beats, on the boards, bring that shit in!


All my homeslice niggaz on the scc
the number 1 tracker with the fastest pres
from the shit-hot packs to the whole staff team
the best damn tracker on the whole damn scene

I check the pres on the irc
grab that shit and max out my connection speed
a nigga like me equipped with a box to seed
and bring it to my home pc through ftp
we beat sct with the top gear pres dude
even ftn can't feed the net like we do
you fuckers is see-through tryin'a fuck with elite crews
who's sources'll beat you, ya wannabe leet noobs
yo, it's just a rap about a torrent tracker
(nigga plz)
sceners with attitude who'll bust ya crew then fuckin' slap ya
gangsta crackers who lurkin' on the forums board
posting links to jailbait then watching weeds because we bored
anti-piracy networks try to take us down
and traders try to sell invites but we rape them clowns
they capping my speed down, this fucking isp
realizing i'm a pirate on these cold e-streets
shit is sweet when i got like 20 invites
bitches try to suck my dick just to get on the site
yo get it right, fool, you gotta earn that shit
and yeah you're hot but you're illiterate and think with ya tits
shit, if you can't keep a ratio you're gonna get banned
and if you cheat we'll send you viruses and then rape your nan
i'm seeding torrents by the truckload, maxin' mah upload
i be a terabyte nigga, catch me snatching shit? Fuck no

All my homeslice niggaz on the scc
the number 1 tracker with the fastest pres
from the shit-hot packs to the whole staff team
the best damn tracker on the whole damn scene

Yeah... Now wait for your invite...
When you get on that shit, seed properly...
Read all the faq and the rules carefully...
Don't fuck it up, knahmsayin?
Scc exclusive
we evasive, elusive
and if you think you can hit 'n' run?
Son, you must be stupid

As you can see from above, existing members can expect good things coming in SCC v2. As for those who still don’t have access, it’s time to go hunt for that invite (Sorry we don’t think this tracker will ever have open signups).