Suddenly remembered this when I posted the last movie release a while ago. This post will mostly apply to those who use public BitTorrent trackers to download movies. As you may have already found out, public bittorrent trackers are full of fakes and mislabeled releases (I.e. – On the title it says DVDRip but it turns out to be a crappy CAM). So how can you check the quality of a movie before you actually download it?

First (of course most of you already know this), you can look for the sample.avi file which is included in most scene releases. This is a small file (10-15MB file size) which contains a video sample of the movie being downloaded. You can give high priority to this file using you BT client, download it and watch the quality before you download the entire movie.

But what if the release does not contain a sample.avi file? It’s simple; you can check for screen caps of the release on VCD Quality. 


VCD Quality is a site which indexes latest movie leases both by scene groups and p2p groups. Not only does it index the latest releases but also includes the release .NFO, screen captures from the release (JPG button next to a release name), any nuke information (yellow biohazard icon next to a release name), user comments and user ratings on video, audio and movie itself. As a bonus VCD Quality lists generated search strings you can use to search for movie subtitles (from, CD/DVD covers (from and IMDB links for movie ratings and movie trailers as well. As you can see it gives you a lot of information on the movie and the release not available on most public torrent sites so check it out.

[Click Here] to visit VCD Quality.


  1. Don Hughes // 11/20/2008 10:12:00 PM  

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    perhaps, users here will find the site usefull. I think it is. the no thrills printable dvd covers search engine. auto completes titles as you type and returns up to 20 thumnails on partial names. Click on the thumnail to download entire images.