Microsoft have released the final version of Silverlight 2.0. Silverlight is a web media solution which allows users to create interactive rich media content and deploy them on web sites. You can create Silverlight content with Visual Studio 2008, Expression Blend 2 and Deep Zoom Composer with necessary service packs installed (see below). To view Silverlight content in your web browser, you need to have the plug-in installed on your system (basically works like Flash).


Developer Description

Microsoft Silverlight powers rich application experiences and delivers high quality, interactive video across the Web and mobile devices through the most powerful runtime available on the Web.

Downloads - Build Silverlight content

Downloads – View Silverlight content


[Click Here] to upgrade your Silverlight version to Silverlight 2.0 or to do a fresh install of Silverlight 2.0. The page will autodetect the version of Silverlight installed on our system and point you in the correct direction.

[Click Here] to visit Silverlight homepage.