One of the best private torrent trackers out there, (TD) is currently open for signup. The site’s user limit which was capped at 40000 seem to have been raised to 50000, providing space for new members.

Torrent-Damage is without a doubt one of the best 0Day/General trackers currently online. Great pre times, kick ass download speeds, excellent content; that’s TD for you. Currently there are 41000+ registered users and 26000+ torrents on this tracker. These stats are excellent by any means, and don’t forget that TD is a private tracker. Torrent-Damage has a requests feature where members can request uploads not available on the tracker via the site’s forums. The only con we found with this tracker is that it has somewhat of an awkward interface (some may disagree). But that’s not an issue if you are looking to download latest (and old) scene and p2p movie, music, games, TV series releases at blazing speeds as TD will provide you just that.

As we said before Torrent-Damage tends to close signups very quickly. Things may be different this time around as they seem to have raised the site’s user limit from 40000 to 50000. We don’t know if signups will be open till this user limit is reached (if they will that means there are around 9000 spots left) so to be on the safe side register an account ASAP. When the site is closed the only way in is by providing a ticket number obtained from an existing member. You can discard the ticket number field and leave it blank during open signup periods such as this. Go get it!


Site Name: Torrent-Damage.Net

Signup URL:

Categories: Appz, Movies, Games, TV Shows, E-Books and other general content and 0Day releases – Indexes both Scene and non scene releases


  1. Violated // 10/29/2008 05:29:00 PM  

    Thanks a lot. Was looking for a Torrent-Damage invite for a long time. Thanks

  2. Chernobyl // 10/30/2008 04:06:00 PM  

    damn it was hard to get into that site :)