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About two months ago, we reported about, a site which allowed you to view popular magazines online for free. Mygazines attracted many visitors who were thrilled at the prospect of being able to read premium content for free but it also drew the attention of copyright holders. As a result some of the most popular magazines were removed from but the site continued to operated with limited content.

However it now looks as if has shut down for good. The following message is displayed on the homepage:

Dear valued members, visitors and publishers,
Due to monetary reasons and the state of the global economy, we unfortunately must close We simply ran out of funds to support the daily operations.
We thank you for your patronage.
If you are a publisher interested in understanding more about our model and vision for the future of the publishing industry going forward, or to discuss our Business to Business model opportunities, please email us at
The Mygazines Team

It is indeed sad to see such a site go offline as it was one of the few sites entirely dedicated to magazines.

Possible Alternatives

With the shut down of, the next question which comes into mind is ‘are there any alternatives’? The following links should give you a clue as to where to download magazines for free. Don’t expect these to be complete replacements for but as they they, something is better than nothing.