Good news for folks who are willing to get into Demonoid semi-private BitTorrent tracker (Specially those who are posting requests in our invitation giveaway threads). Demonoid is currently open for new registrations. That means you can get into the tracker without an invitation code.

With over 185000 indexed torrents and a huge community, Demonoid is without a doubt one of the best BitTorrent trackers on the planet. Demonoid indexes torrents that are tracked using their own tracker ( as well as those tracked using external tracker such as TPB. The number of fakes on Demonoid is very low and chances are that you’ll spot a fake if you read the comments before download (all thanks to the community). There is a ratio system on this tracker but accounts are not banned/disabled/deleted due to low ratio. This leads to perhaps the only concern with Demonoid; somewhat slow speeds.

Anyways it’s a great BitTorrent tracker which tracks a hell lot of content not found elsewhere and is a must have for every torrenter out there. It won’t stay open forever so grab this chance to register yourself a brand new Demonoid account.


Site Name: Demonoid

Signup URL:


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  1. anurag // 10/18/2008 04:03:00 PM  

    it's no use :(
    i am trying to register in demonoid from last 8 months and luckly i got twice chance when registration is open but when i try to signup it is show a error msg that

    "Sorry, since the server is too saturated, we can not accept more members at the moment.
    However, new spots are opened every day, so please, check back later.

    it is happening every time when whether i try to signup with invitation code or when registration is open

    is there any other way to regsiter? or we have to search the data on other public torrent site... :~(

  2. Violated // 10/18/2008 05:01:00 PM  

    @ anurag,

    "Your account has been created and is waiting for activation"

    I just did this now. It works man but only when it is open. Currently it is. Did you try nw?

  3. Lanka Reporter // 10/24/2008 01:26:00 PM  

    You can get demonoid invitation codes from here.

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    and thanks for the 'Filenetworks'

  4. Lanka Reporter // 10/24/2008 01:27:00 PM  

    You can get demonoid invitation codes from here.
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    and thanks for the 'Filenetworks'

  5. Lanka Reporter // 10/24/2008 01:28:00 PM  

    You can get demonoid invitation codes from here.

    and thanks for the 'Filenetworks'