Zinebytes is a private torrent tracker of Swedish origin. This tracker specializes in E-Learning content/E-Books and tracks quite a lot of content in this niche. There is some bad news for non Swedish users though. From signup page to the user interface, everything is in Swedish. But if you are familiar with private trackers, you should be able to find your way easily as the layout is similar to most other trackers (See translation below if you are stuck). Zinebytes does track a lot of English content apart from Swedish torrents. You can find the English torrents on categories with/Eng at the end (i.e. Eböcker/Eng is for English E-Books).

Currently there are around 2200 users and 3600+ torrents on Zinebytes.org. The site is currently open for signup so interested readers may join for free.



Signup URL: http://www.zinebytes.org/signup.php


Signup Page Translation (Use Google translate to translate any errors your get – most likely there are related to the password):

Swedish English
Användarnamn: Username
Välj ett lösenord: Password (8 characters minimum, need at least 1 number – )
Skriv in lösenordet igen: Repeat Password


E-Mail – They recommend using Gmail and check spam mail first.

Categories: Check out the categories in Red for English content

  • Dagspress
  • Eböcker/Eng (E-Books)
  • Eböcker/Sve
  • How-To
  • Ljudböcker/Eng (AudioBooks)
  • Ljudböcker/Sve
  • Rollspel/Eng
  • Rollspel/Sve
  • Serier/Eng (Series)
  • Serier/Sve
  • Studiematerial/Eng
  • Studiematerial/Sve
  • Tidskrifter/Eng (Magazines)
  • Tidskrifter/Sve
  • Övrigt
P.S. - Bläddra means Browse

IRC: irc://irc.freequest.net/ZineBytes