Here is another update on the private tracker front. 3 more popular private torrent trackers are currently open for new signups; Learnbits, Cinemageddon and UKNova. Learnbits as you may already know is an E-Learning tracker. Cinemageddon is a movie tracker that specializes in rare/old/B-movies and UKNova is a UK related TV Series tracker. Read on for more information.



Site Name: Learnbits

Signup URL:

Description: Learnbits is a popular E-Learning/E-Book tracker. From programming related E-books to popular magazines, you can find pretty much anything here. Download speeds are quite good and most of the torrents have enough seeders. Note that the domain is is no longer working.

Categories: Database, 3D, Apps-Fonts, Business, College Lectures, Creative Writing, Digital Art, Documentary, Early Learning, Electrical Eng / Electronics, Exam Guides, Exams Q-A, Forensics, Health-Fitness, Hobbies, International Hub, IT Manager, IT, Security, Languages, Linux, Mac-Apple, Magazines, Math-Science, Medical, Miscellaneous, Music, Network, Personal Growth, Philosophy, Politics-History, Programming, Psychology, Server Admin, Sports-Self Defence, Templates, Trades, VIP, VOIP, Web Design, Windows-Office



Site Name: Cinemageddon

Signup URL:

Description: Cinemageddon (CG) is a dedicated movie tracker. It’s specialty is older and rare movie. There are a lot of B-Movies on this tracker you probably never heard of before. CG currently has a user base of over 19000 members and tracks over 18500 torrents – impressive stats by any means. It’s a great tracker to discover gems from the past you missed out on and a great way to discover movies that are fun to watch. For more information check our previous post about this tracker.

Categories: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Documentary, Exploitation, Family, Gore, Hidden Gems, Horror, Martial Arts, OST, Other, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Western, XXX



Site name: UKNova

Signup URL:

Description: UKNova is an private torrent tracker which specializes on UK based Television shows. From entertainment to documentaries, you can find a lot of downloadable UK related TV Series torrents @ UKNova. Most of the torrents are well seeded download speeds are good. UKNova has an interesting (and uncommon) layout. Worth checking out if you have any interest in UK based TV series.

Categories: TV entertainment, Comedy, Panel, Gameshow, Reality, Big Brother, Chat, Sport, Children's, TV fiction, Soap, EastEnders, Corrie, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Drama, Crime, The Bill, Medical, Sci-fi, TV factual, Current affairs, News, Consumer, Culture, Science, Horizon, Technology, History, Nature, Property, Gardening, Food, Motoring, The supernatural, Radio, Entertainment, Comedy, Drama, Factual, Miscellany, Ads/presentation/PIF, Sitting ducks