Lots of good games have been released this month and there are a few great titles to come out in the next few weeks as well (Dead Space, GTA 4 (PC), Fallout3, etc). Some good news if you are planning to download these off the internet. My-Gamebox is a fairly new dedicated games torrent tracker which tracks PC, Console and mobile games, addons, hacks and other extras. One thing I noticed about this tracker is that it has an NZB index as well. There are over 5000 members, 300+ torrents and around 50 NBZs on My-Gamebox, at time of this post.

The site is currently open for signup and interested readers may join for free.


Site Name: My-Gamebox

Signup URL: http://my-gamebox.com/signup.php


  • 360 Apps
  • 360 Games
  • 360 HD-WMV
  • 360 XBL Content
  • DC Games
  • Emu & Roms
  • Game Guide
  • Gaming Music
  • Gaming Vids
  • GCube Apps
  • GCube Games
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Games
  • Mobile Ringtones
  • NDS
  • PC Apps
  • PC Games
  • PocketPC Apps
  • PocketPC Games
  • PS2 Apps
  • PS2 Games CD
  • PS2 Games DvD
  • PS3 Games
  • PS3 Tools
  • PSP Apps
  • PSP Games
  • PSP Rips
  • PSP Video
  • PSX Apps
  • PSX Games
  • Wii Games
  • Wii Tools
  • Xbox Apps
  • Xbox Games
  • Xbox Rips


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  2. bAN01TgAZ // 8/25/2011 02:14:00 AM  

    my-gamebox.com is open for signup till december 2011.

    then i will be changing the site to invite only.

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