There weren’t many private tracker watch updates today so first let us apologize for that. We bring you 3 more private torrent trackers currently open for new signups; MovieX.iNFO, ExtremeShare and ILoveTorrents. All three are General/0Day trackers. Check them out.


Site Name: MovieX.iNFO

Signup URL:

Description: MovieX.iNFO is a tracker that has faced some degree of controversy in the recent past. However with nearly 400000 members and 50000 tracked torrents, MovieX has grown on to become one of the largest BitTorrent communities currently online. Even though this site is called MovieX, it’s not all about movies. It’s rather a general tracker that tracks movies, music, games among other categories. This site has been always open for signup ever since I first stumbled across it around 1.5 years ago, but it’s not a public tracker; You still have to register to login. Download speeds on MovieX are quite good (currently there is a Seeder:Leecher ratio of 20.99).



Site Name: ExtremeShare (ES)

Signup URL:

Description: ExtremeShare is another excellent general/0day tracker. With over 11500 active torrents, a shitload of users and more than 500 unique torrents including packs, ExtermeShare should become an instant hit among many torrenters. You can read our full review of this tracker which includes screenshots and pack information – check this link.

i Love Torrents (iLT)

i love torrents

Site Name: I Love Torrents (iLT)

Signup URL:

Description: ILoveTorrents is one of the older private trackers currently around; It’s around 3.5 years old. This tracker currently indexes and tracks over 4000 torrents and seems to have a decent user base as well. New users will get wait times on latest torrents but these should go away once you download more stuff (10GB+) from the tracker and get your ratio above 0.95. One thing I noted is that getting power users staus on this tracker is relatively easy as the minimum upload amount required for PU is 10GB.

P.S. - The term ‘General/0Day Tracker’ seems to be confusing to some of our readers (judging by the E-mails we get). Actually what we mean by a general tracker is a torrent tracker that tracks all sorts of stuff including music, movies, games, e-books, software and more, without focusing on a single category. The term 0Day (0-Day or Zero Day) is used to refer to all scene releases(cracked software, movies, games, etc), within a single day.