It looks like South African BitTorrent users are having some trouble; apparently the biggest South African BitTorrent tracker got shut down. This will no doubt be a loss to the BT community but there are thousands more BitTorrent trackers that are still online. Here are three more private torrent trackers that are open for signups; BitShock, Scene-Inspired and All three are general trackers. Read on for more info.

Scene-Inspired (S-I)


Site Name: Scene-Inspired (S-I)

Signup URL:

Description: Scene-Inspired is a private tracker that has been around for some time. It has a user base close to 2000 and tracks 1500+ torrents. S-I is not your average 0day torrent site where everything is about pre times and download speeds. It’s a community based tracker where everybody knows everybody. By signing up for S-I, not only can you download torrents but you also get to be part of an excellent BT community. Check it out.

BitShock (BSk)


Site Name: BitShock (BSk)

Signup URL:

Description: BitShock is an excellent General/0Day tracker. With over 3000 torrents an an active user base, BitShock has expanded rapidly in the past few months. For full tracker review, category details, screenshots, pack info and more please refer to this article.

In Deep (

in deep

Site Name: In Deep

Signup URL:

Description: InDeep is a Hungarian BitTorrent tracker with both English and Hungarian content. With over 22000+ users and close to 9500 torrents, it seems to be quite a popular tracker. The site interface is in Hungarian but those who use private trackers should be able to find their war around as In Deep follows standard private tracker layout. For more information and signup page translation, please refer to this post.