Well guess what? It's another private tracker update. Hungary based torrent tracker 'In Deep' is now open for signup. There are only about 35 spots left so you might want to hurry if you really do want to get in.

In Deep tracks 13000 torrents and has a user base of 20000. If you are a non-Hungarian user the Hungarian language interface will be a real turn off. But you only need to remember one word to get going; Letöltés = Browse. Of course the signup page is in all Hungarian but see signup notes below to complete that successfully.

Although the interface is in Hungarian, majority of the content is English (scene releases mostly). Watch for title tags such as 'HunSUBS', H'unDUB', 'Hungarian', 'HUN' as they are good indicators of the release being in Hungarian language.

Apart from these language concerns (for Non-Hungarian users that is), the tracker is actually pretty good.


Site Name: In Deep

Signup URL: http://www.indeep.biz/signup.php

Translation of signup page:



Igényelt Felhasználói név: Name
Hozzá a jelszó: Password
Jelszó mégegyszer: Repeat password
Email cím: Email
Elolvastam a szabályzatot: Read rules?
Elfogadom, hogy ha kérdésem van FAQ-ban utána olvasok: Read FAQ?
Már elmultam 13éves: Above 13?


P.S.- We don't know jack shit about Hungarian language but the site follows standard tracker template so..


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