CircuitMaker 2000 contains a host of new features and technology enhancements providing all the tools necessary for fast and easy creation and simulation of electronic designs. The improvements include a new waveform viewer, a new device browser and a streamlined user interface for easier access to various features. CircuitMaker 2000's Professional Edition PCB layout editor (formerly TraxMaker PRO) also includes a new rip-up & retry maze autorouter, providing higher routing completion on complex printed circuit boards.

Instead of requiring users to purchase multiple products, CircuitMaker 2000 allows a designer to capture a design, perform advanced circuit simulation, analyze the operation of a circuit and complete the design and testing with full-featured PCB design and layout capabilities. The ability to quickly and easily generate prototype boards to test the real-world performance of their designs gives designers a highly versatile and complete Virtual Electronics Lab in one low-cost package.

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