Hello there folks! First post of the day brings good news to music fans. Trancebits is a private torrent tracker specializing in Trance music. There are nearly 2000 torrents indexed including Albums, Singles and even Livesets (See categories below for more information).

They recently installed a new seed bonus system which should reward your efforts at seeding back what you get. This feature may not be available immediately since it's still under construction. Trancebits also has a few nice packs unique to the tracker at their disposal so this site is well worth checking out.


Site Name: Trancebits

Signup URL: http://trancebits.com/signup.php


  • Albums - Dance
  • Albums - Electronic
  • Albums - Goa/Psy
  • Albums - Hardcore
  • Albums - Hardstyle
  • Albums - House
  • Albums - Techno
  • Albums - Trance
  • Ambient/Chill/Lo - Fi
  • Beat/Breaks/DnB/Jungle
  • Classics - Trance
  • DVD/Video/Clips
  • Livesets - Electronic
  • Livesets - Goa/Psy
  • Livesets - Hardcore
  • Livesets - Hardstyle
  • Livesets - House
  • Livesets - Techno
  • Livesets - Trance
  • Music Plugins/Apps/Misc
  • Singles - Dance
  • Singles - Electronic
  • Singles - Goa/Psy
  • Singles - Hardcore
  • Singles - Hardstyle
  • Singles - House
  • Singles - Techno
  • Singles - Trance
  • TranceBits Packs


  1. Titan // 12/25/2008 12:05:00 AM  

    Thanks, it looks like a good tracker. Is it new, because it doesn't have much hardstyle...

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 12/25/2008 12:29:00 AM  

    Nope not that new. If you are looking for another trance tracker stay tuned for TranceRoute open signup. Should be open from 31st dec to 1st jan 2009. We'll update on homepage when its open.

  3. whosez // 12/25/2008 10:44:00 AM  

    Yo!merry xmas..u guys should create a general thread or something of the sort where us ur readers can post general 411s,like now zamunda is open but very few who pass by here know,just a thought..happy holidays,i owe alot to this blog

  4. Titan // 6/01/2009 07:17:00 PM  

    It's me again. There was a period when trancebits was shut down and now I can't log in with my old account. It seems it has been deleted. It's not fair. Can someone send me an invite please? :) I have invites on other music trackers.

  5. Titan // 6/09/2009 03:21:00 PM  

    Lightning_Struck_Tower, can you please send me an invitation on trancetraffic? I would apreciate, and I promise i'll have good ratio.