Of all the download managers I’ve used, Free Download Manager (FDM) is my favorite mostly because of its simplicity. But if you want to download embedded video files or any other web 2.0 content I recommend you give Orbit Downloader a go. In addition to handling normal FTP and HTTP downloads, Orbit Downloader is capable of downloading video/music/streaming media from sites such as Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, Pandora,Rapidshare and countless others (see below for full list) including those that use anti-leeching technology to prevent file downloads. This software also supports downloading of content that uses RTMP protocol (a multimedia streaming and RPC protocol) which enables downloading of Adobe Flash video and Microsoft Silverlight content possible. Orbit Downloader supports all major browsers such as IE, Firefox, Maxthon, Opera, etc.

As you can see, the main advantage of Orbit Downloader is that you won’t have to install a dozen 3rd party software to download files from various sites (I.E.- YouTubeGet for YouTube, RapGet for RapidShare etc). Check it out – it’s completely free and does not come with any spyware or adware embedded.

orbit downloader

List of sites and protocols supported and tutorials on how to use Orbit Downloader to download files from each site (click on a link to see tutorial with screens):

  1. Bebo Downloader
  2. Break Downloader
  3. Dailymotion Downloader
  4. eSnips Downloader
  5. Flash Video Downloader
  6. Flickr Video Downloader
  7. FLV Downloader
  8. Google Downloader
  9. Hi5 Downloader
  10. iFilm Downloader
  11. iJigg Downloader
  12. IMEEM Downloader
  13. Metacafe Downloader
  14. MojoFlix Downloader
  15. MOG Downloader
  16. Multiply Downloader
  17. Myspace Music Downloader
  18. Myspace Video Downloader
  19. Pandora Downloader
  20. PerfSpot Downloader
  21. Playlist Downloader
  22. Raaga Downloader
  23. Radioblogclub Downloader
  24. Repubblica Downloader
  25. RTMP Downloader
  26. Silverlight Downloader
  27. Stream Media Downloader
  28. Tumblr Downloader
  29. Veoh Downloader
  30. Vox Downloader
  31. Xanga Downloader
  32. Yahoo Music Downloader
  33. Yahoo Video Downloader
  34. YourFileHost Downloader
  35. YouTube Downloader

Major Features

  • Download social music, social video and streaming media
  • Extreme download acceleration.
  • Super Light: micro-sized and resource-friendly
  • Support RapidShare download.
  • Support IE, Firefox, Maxthon, Opera.
  • Support Metalink download.
  • Support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS, RTSP and RTMP protocols.
  • Support Proxy server configuration.
  • Support download pasue and resume.
  • General download management.


As I said before Orbit Downloader is free software and it’s very lightweight (around 2-2.5mB in file size). Even dial up users should have no problems downloading this.

[Click Here] to download Orbit Downloader 2.7.8 from official download page.


  1. bar // 11/05/2008 07:27:00 AM  

    orbit is great - it DL's stuff at warp speed

  2. sharon1985 // 5/02/2012 05:06:00 PM  

    Thanks for the post! Orbit works just perfectly, it is basically on my list of basic tools alonside with audio players, Office and winzip free :) Thanks for the list of links by the way