I thought i would never live to see this day but here it comes. BitMeTV.org, considered by many as the mother of all TV torrent trackers, is now open for signup. It has a user base of 22000+ users and tracks around 19000 torrents, respectable stats for any private tracker. As for the content, BitMeTV tracks many of the Canadian and U.S TV shows aired since the 70s. And this includes torrents you can never find on any other site on the planet. If you are concerned about the 'elitism' of the site, this is a level 5 tracker.

Signups are currently open so you won't have to beg for invites or trade your asses to get in(Trading and begging are practices frowned upon in the BT community. In some elite trackers, trading will get you banned). We don't know for how long BMTV will remain open so better sign up right now.


Site Name: BitMeTV.org

Signup URL: http://www.bitmetv.org/signup.php (If this does not work, go to http://www.bitmetv.org/ and manually add /signup.php to the URL)

Note: Make sure you fully read the FAQ and Rules. Follow them or get banned!


  1. Violated // 8/02/2008 12:15:00 PM  

    Thanks a lot.

  2. garycgriffin // 8/02/2008 08:07:00 PM  

    closed already

  3. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 8/02/2008 08:11:00 PM  

    Yeah it is now. I think over 4500 people joined during signup period. It was good while it lasted.

  4. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 8/02/2008 08:12:00 PM  

    They only open signups for 5-6 hours for every 2-3 years. Congrats to those who got in.

  5. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 8/02/2008 10:32:00 PM  

    It's open again!

  6. k // 8/03/2008 12:10:00 AM  

    F5, F5, F5... open! :D
    thank you great blog ^^