Some good news for Indian/Bollywood/Desi (or whatever else you call them) movie fans. DCTorrents (Desi Club Torrent) is one of the best Hindi/Indian movies trackers currently online. It’s a private torrent tracker and a forum and is usually closed for public registrations. However DCTorrent, like many other private trackers, have opened signups in celebration of the new year.


Since I’m no Hindi movie fan I wouldn’t be able to comment much about the content here (perhaps our Indian/Pakistani readers can enlighten us). As far as I know, this definitely is one of the best places to download Hindi/Bollywood/Lollywood movies and music for free (similar to trackers such as ExDesi (Open), iDesiR (Open), Desitorrents and BwTorrents) . DCTorrent seem to have a lot of OST (official soundtracks) and music videos. The site’s main attraction however is Hindi movies which come as DVDRips, HDRips, Blu-Ray, Pre DVD releases, VCD and other forms. At the time this post is being written, DCTorrent tracks over 10000 torrents.

dctorrent releases

Apart from the torrent tracker, DCTorrents seem to have a pretty active community. Their forums is home to discussions ranging from politics, sports to tutorials and guides for BitTorrent. As stated earlier DCTorrent is currently open for public registrations. There is a forum post regarding the open signup:

As a New Year's gift we at DCT have decided to open registrations for you folks . Do let your friends and family, as you dont know up until when this will last!

Since the site may close public signups anytime, you better register ASAP. It seems to be a great tracker for fans of Indian and Pakistani movies.

Site Name: DCTorrents (aka DCT or Desi Club Torrent-

Signup Notes: You need to answer all 4 questions correctly to proceed with registration. The FAQ will help you find the correct answer.

Signup URL:


  • Documentaries
  • Movies - DVD5/9
  • Movies - DVDRip
  • Movies - HDRips
  • Movies - Low Quality
  • Movies - Other
  • Movies - PreDVD
  • Movies - VCD
  • Music - Classic / Ghazals
  • Music - Lossless
  • Music - OST
  • Music - Other
  • Music - Pakistani / Afghani
  • Music - Punjabi / Bhangra
  • Music - Religious Mantras
  • Music - Remix / Pop / Asian Fusion
  • Music - Singles
  • Music - Videos
  • Other
  • Sports
  • Stageshows - Punjabi
  • Stageshows - Urdu
  • TV Torrents


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