, another dedicated TV Torrents tracker, is currently open for signup. At the time this post is being written, there are around 400 spots left in their monthly open signup for January 2009. TVTorrentz has a unique interface, a credits system (you get 50GB free upon signup) and tracks complete season packs and individual TV episode torrents.


Site Name: TVTorrentz (

Signup URL: - Around 400 spots left as of 5/1/2009, 16:00 Sri Lankan Time (+5.30 GMT)

Stats: 3900+ users and ~3250 active torrents

Description: For full tracker description and review, please refer to our previous article located here.

IRC: irc:// (Download mIRC)

In other news, Tv.Torrents.Ro (another TV tracker) is still open for signup.

P.S. – Our second Cinematik invitation code giveaway should go online today or tomorrow. Check the homepage or giveaway section for updates.


  1. Anonymous // 1/05/2009 06:46:00 PM  

    Signup failed
    Sorry, you're not qualified to become a member of this site.


  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 1/05/2009 07:02:00 PM  


    Did you tick the last 4 checkboxes without reading what they stood for?

    "I am under 16 years old. The truth might set you free! :-) "

    It'll fail if you admit you are under 16 :p

  3. eve // 1/05/2009 07:09:00 PM  

    I had no problem signing in.

  4. Anonymous // 1/06/2009 06:13:00 PM  

    closed dude!

  5. Neil // 2/01/2009 01:55:00 AM  

    Opens again on the 1st of each month with 500 sign-ups available. But they go quick so hurry! :)