If you can remember, we previously posted an article about how and where to obtain offline virus definition updates for popular Anti Virus software. A method to manually update Kaspersky products was included in that article but here is as easier, shorter way of obtaining offline definition updates for KIS and KAV version 2009 (8.0) and other products.

Kaspersky Updater is a software designed by Kaspersky Labs itself. Until recently it was a command line only tool and was not that user friendly. However as of version a GUI component has been added and things have become much more easier. Here is how you can manually update Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Anti Virus (and other products) using Kaspersky Updater: (Note – this tutorial is based on KIS 2009 and KAV 2009. Some steps may change slightly for other Kaspersky products)

  1. Download Kaspersky Updater base files from this link.
  2. Download Kaspersky Updater GUI component from this link.
  3. Extract both zip files to the same folder. Run KasperskyUpdater.exe
  4. Tick the Kaspersky product and version you need updates downloaded for and start updating. Wait till it finishes.
  5. Now open the application’s (KIS, KAV or whatever Kaspersky app you downloaded updates for) main window 
  6. Click the Settings button 
  7. In the left part of the window select Update. In the right part of the window click the Settings button 
  8. On the Source tab clear (un-tick) the box Kaspersky Lab’s update servers
  9. Click the Add link. Browse the folder where you extracted Kaspersky Updater files in step 3. There should be a sub folder named Updates. Select this folder.
  10. Click OK to close each window. Run the update process. Kaspersky will now update with the downloaded virus definition files.

If you want to update another computer which does not have an internet connection, simply copy the updates folder to that computer and configure Kaspersky (Do steps 5-10 and give the location of copied Updates folder accordingly) as stated above.